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As a specialist heating manufacturer and distributor, there’s an experienced Heatstore PR team dedicated to working closely with journalists and editors to provide high quality news stories, full product and market information, on time and to deadlines resulting in the Heatstore name and products regularly featuring in the trade press creating more awareness for the brand.

Latest News

01/05/2012 Dynamic Electric Radiator Celebrates 1st Birthday

As the Heatstore Dynamic Electric Radiator celebrates its first birthday, it continues to be the quickest selling range of heating product they have ever produced. Meeting all the demands for providing a modern solution to both domestic and commercial applications where high efficiency and accuracy of temperature control are a priority.

01/12/2011 The Dynamic High Efficiency Electric Radiator

The Heatstore Dynamic Electric Radiator is the latest and fastest selling range of heating products Heatstore has ever produced. The electronically controlled high efficiency electric radiators provide a modern stylish solution for both commercial and domestic properties.

01/10/2011 Heatstore's Dynamic Electric Radiator Success

The Heatstore Dynamic Electric Radiator is the latest and fastest selling range of heating product we have ever produced. The electronically controlled electric radiators provide a modern stylish solution to both commercial and domestic properties where high efficiency is a priority.

01/06/2011 Heatstore, Auto Flow Thermostatic Shower

The latest addition to the Heatstore shower range is the New Auto Flow Thermostatic Shower. It provides the very latest in shower innovation with a whole range of innovative features that provide the best in safety, control, economy and performance.

01/03/2011 Heatstores Improved Weatherproof Heater

To continue the success of the Heatstore Weatherproof Quartz Heater, Heatstore have redesigned an attractive, easy-to-install, unobtrusive unit. The HSQWPH1500N quartz halogen heater offers a ‘warm’ heat from its specially tuned lamp. Ideal where a free-standing unit is impracticable, it is manufactured from aluminium and heat-resistant black thermoplastic and is suitable for either domestic or commercial use.

01/01/2011 Heatstore Launch 'Go Green' Scrappage Scheme

Heatstore will offer a £50 scrappage allowance, for trading in any old hand dryer, or paper towel dispenser, when customers purchase the Heatstore ‘Tornado’ high speed hand dryer, which offers up to 80% energy saving against traditional hand dryers.

01/09/2010 Heatstore Boiling Water Products - Eco Friendly

To further compliment Heatstore’s “Green Spot” range of products, designed with the environment in mind, is the self-filling Ultima Profile Eco Stored Boiling Water Unit range providing a constant source of safe boiling water for preparing drinks.