Dynamic Electric Radiator Celebrates 1st Birthday

As the Heatstore Dynamic Electric Radiator celebrates its first birthday, it continues to be the quickest selling range of heating product they have ever produced. Meeting all the demands for providing a modern solution to both domestic and commercial applications where high efficiency and accuracy of temperature control are a priority.

Incorporating Dynamic Efficiency + with a class leading accuracy of +/-0.3ºC and 5-30ºC thermostat range, the unit closely monitors the room temperature, minimising temperature overshoot and drift, to give superior user comfort. This avoids the “peaks and troughs” in heating that can be experienced from less accurate thermostats. Coupled with its rapid warm up response, this results in energy savings when compared to oil filled radiators and other direct acting heating competitors.

To substantiate the accuracy the Dynamic was sent to BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association), an independent testing laboratory. The heater was installed in a micro climate laboratory where controlled tests over 24 hours were performed. Set at 21ºC the Dynamic maintained the accuracy to +/-0.3ºC using the minimum amount of energy required, and achieved ‘first in class’ for energy efficiency.

For straight forward control the Dynamic Radiator is fitted with a 7 day 24 hour electronic timer with easy to read programmable back lit display, along with tactile soft touch on/off button with neon indicators to show both power on and element operation. The Dynamic also includes a thermostatic control which when set to minimum allows for frost protection to 5ºC. Heaters can be used as standalone radiators in individual rooms or for multi room installations the installer can run a pilot wire to a maximum of 10 heaters. These can then be programmed from one controller for identical time periods, with the room comfort temperature being set individually to occupiers’ requirements.

To guarantee heating requirements are met, Heatstore will design a detailed heating scheme for a property or development to customer’s exact requirements.

For further information on heating schemes please contact the Heatstore Technical Team on +44 (0)117 923 5375 or visit www.heatstore.co.uk.