Dynamic Guarantee, Designed With You In Mind

Since its launch in May 2011, the Heatstore Dynamic Electric Radiator continues to be the fastest selling range of heating product ever produced by Heatstore – a leading brand in the heating market.

The electronically controlled electric radiators provide a modern, stylish solution to both commercial and domestic properties, and can be used as standalone radiators in individual rooms or as a complete heating system.

Heatstore have created a range which offers sophisticated control features and electronic energy management options, making energy wastage a thing of the past and Part L compliance straightforward.

To substantiate the efficiency, the Dynamic was tested at BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association), an independent testing laboratory. The Dynamic remains unbeaten by any other electric radiator subject to this rigorous testing. The Heatstore Dynamic range is also BEAB approved.

To guarantee heating requirements are met, Heatstore will design a detailed heating scheme for a property or development, to a customer’s exact requirements.

From drawings supplied by the contractor, the technical team will develop a solution taking into account “U” values and construction details such as walls, floors, windows and roof – whether these are insulated, cavity or solid walls, timber or solid floor, pitched or flat roof and level of glazing for the windows.

Available free of charge with no obligation to the customer, computer generated heating schemes with over 650,000 combinations are designed to the specific property. This can be from a one bedroom flat to a 200-room hotel, offering the same level of high detail and complexity.

Once Heatstore’s technical team have designed a heating solution and scheme, they are so confident that the Dynamic will meet the requirements that in addition to the standard two-year full onsite service warranty, they also benefit from the unique Dynamic Guarantee.

If for any reason the property does not achieve and hold the designed specified room temperature after installation, Heatstore will offer free of charge Dynamic heaters to ensure the design temperature of the scheme is achieved.

For further information on the Heatstore Dynamic Electric Radiator or the Heating Schemes please call +44 (0)117 923 5375 or visit www.heatstore.co.uk.