Heatstore's Dynamic Electric Radiator Success

The Heatstore Dynamic Electric Radiator is the latest and fastest selling range of heating product we have ever produced. The electronically controlled electric radiators provide a modern stylish solution to both commercial and domestic properties where high efficiency is a priority.

Ideal for any situation the Dynamic Radiator is cheaper to install, maintain and lasts an average of 50% longer than a gas system. Its advanced controls, rapid response to changes in temperature, state-of-the-art design and energy efficiency, make the true cost of ownership of electric heating highly cost-effective in many situations.

The Dynamic offers developers and specifiers the opportunity to incorporate a sleek, cost-efficient heating system into any new build or retrofit, regardless of the location in the UK. Householders can use the Dynamic heaters as standalone radiators in individual rooms or as a complete heating system. Also, landlords and tenants benefit from an extremely reliable and safe form of heating, with none of the safety risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions, and no moving parts to wear out or break down.

Incorporating Dynamic Efficiency + with a class leading accuracy of +/-0.3ºC and 5-30ºC range, the unit closely monitors the room temperature, minimising temperature overshoot and drift, to give superior user comfort. Coupled with its rapid warm up response, this results in energy savings when compared to less accurate thermostats.

For ease of use the Dynamic Radiator is fitted with a 7 day 24 hour electronic timer with an easy to read programmable back lit display, along with tactile soft touch on/off button with neon indicators to show both power on and element operation. The Dynamic also includes a thermostatic control which when set to minimum, allows for frost protection to 5ºC.

To substantiate the accuracy the Dynamic was sent to BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association), an independent testing laboratory. The heater was installed in a micro climate laboratory where controlled tests over 24 hours were performed. Set at 21ºC the Dynamic maintained the accuracy to +/-0.3ºC using the minimum amount of energy required.

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